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We’ve got your home tech covered. Start a claimLog in. Log in to access your benefits, chat with an expert, file a claim and more. Or …

Verizon Home Device Protect is the last warranty you’ll need for your home tech. The plan includes hassle-free protection and 24/7 tech support with digital security features so you can focus on the things that matter.

Verizon Home Device Protect

Get home product protection, digital security and 24/7 tech support for your eligible smart home, entertainment and home office products.

Verizon Home Device Protect FAQs

Learn about Verizon Home Device Protect, which provides protection for eligible home tech and offers premium tech support with digital security features.

Device Protection, Digital security & Tech Support – Verizon

Verizon Home Device Protect gives you peace of mind for your eligible connected home devices with hassle-free repairs, replacements, digital security and tech …

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Important Things to Know About Verizon Home Device Protect

Breakdowns due to mechanical or electrical failure caused by: a) defects in materials and/or workmanship, b) normal wear and tear, and c) power surge are …

Insurance and device protection – Support Overview – Verizon

Learn how to file a claim for a malfunctioning device that is covered by Verizon Home Device Protect. Lost or stolen phone FAQs – Report unauthorized charges | …

Verizon Home Device Protect Terms & Conditions

Per Claim Limit: The maximum amount we will pay for the repair or replacement of the product for any single claim is $2,000 or the aggregate claim limit of this …

Verizon Protect

Keep devices protected and secure. Choose our best device protection option to cover your needs. Verizon …

Verizon Protect FAQs – Device insurance & fraud protection

Verizon Protect provides coverage for repair and replacement of devices, VPN secured wi-fi, privacy from spam and robocalls, fraud protection and tech …

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